state counties

Population of Maine


2021 Pop


Piscataquis 17,165
Franklin 29,687
Washington 31,121
Lincoln 35,828
Sagadahoc 36,699
Waldo 39,912
Knox 41,084
Somerset 50,592
Hancock 56,192
Oxford 58,629
Aroostook 66,859
Androscoggin 111,034
Kennebec 124,486
Penobscot 152,765
York 214,591
Cumberland 305,231




Maine’s largest import is retirees and we welcome seniors!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maine has over 300,000 residents over 55 and it has the oldest average age of any state in the nation. More important is that Maine continues to attract retirees.

Over 10,000 people per day in the United States turn 65 and many of these retirees, particularly in the megalopolis from Washington D.C. to Boston, look to Maine.

In the past decade, retirees and those entering semi-retirement at age 55 and older, moved to Maine. We expect that this trend will continue over the next few decades.

Why Maine?

Maine’s way of life is almost like a peaceful journey to the communities of yesterday? In Maine, our towns have a sense of community and a taste of nostalgia.

Maine has an abundance of relatively low cost real estate.

It is also known for its beautiful coastline, forests, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, hills and mountains. Yes, we are also known for lobsters and all kinds of fresh seafood, blueberries, and lots of farm fresh produce. Very clean air and water too and yet, Senior Power is Maine’s greatest natural resource. We benefit from Senior Power, in so many ways.


  • Maine has the highest volunteer rate in the country.
  • Maine is considered a very generous state in regard to its philanthropy in spite of the fact that it is in the lower 25 of the states based on wealth.
  • Maine has a very high value in its health care assets and services relative to its population and income.
  • Maine supports an inordinate number of non-profits and arts/music and cultural amenities because of its senior population.
  • Given all of the above, you can see why Senior Power is Maine’s greatest natural resource.


Did you know that you can fit all of the other New England states into Maine and yet we only have 1.3 million people?